Student Services:

The focus of the Computer Training Academy’s Online Student Services is to provide enrolled students with additional resources to assist in their certification process.

These services include:
Video library of Certification Specific Lectures – If you miss a lecture or need to review a lecture you can access them at your convenience thru the school’s intranet. This resource gives us the ability to provide each and every student the same experience and the same level of training. Log in to access.

Frequently Asked Questions Board – Ask questions and have them answered by a certified instructor or review questions asked by other students. Log in to access.

Links to Online Resources – We provide you with the links to the best known online resources for certification information. Don’t waste hours surfing through online garbage, we send you directly to the best on the web. See your instructor for more info!!

Job Postings – A list of current job postings will be provided to all enrolled students once they reach the Career Placement Assistance level.

Interview Techniques/Skills – Interviewing is a learned skill and through our mock interviews and additional resources we assist you in mastering the skill.

Career Placement Assistance – Computer Training Academy Students do not have to wait until they are completely done with the training to start career placement assistance. Because they are passing the certification tests as they go thru the program they are career ready at approximately the halfway point. Most students are working well before they complete the training.

There are many great resources that we have available, they are an essential part of our training model and will greatly assist you in succeeding and attaining a career as a Computer Professional