About Us:



Ad-Tech Computer Euducation has been providing quality education since 2008. It has ever worked hard to come up the expectation of people. That is why, Ad-Tech Computer Euducation has appointed well trained and highly qualified staff.We can say it proudly I.T. batches completed succesfully so far. Besides all this also offering professional & job oriented courses under the supervision of experienced and professional teachers. With the passage of time, it has introduced and been introducing many new courses to fulfill the demand of the people. and we are very thankfull from the bottom of our heart to all all our well wishers specially our students & our responsible teachers because of their cooperation, support and loyality. We have been able to make such marvelous progress.


Main Objects

To create a new cadre of higher quality IT professional.

Build the creativty of Students mind they can start there career in the field of Graphics & Multimedia

To enhance the computer language according to the needs of current area.

To develop programming skills & experties by advance programming techniques.

To equip comprehensive and practical knowledge of networking and communication system method.


Software Trainings

The Ad-Tech Computer Euducation since 2008 provides quality training in major aspect of computer education. Specially in the field of software development and computer network management we train many professional. We also provide training environment for latest software product certifications.

Diploma of information technology (D.I.T.)
Diploma in Multimedia & 3D Graphics.
Diploma in web designing & development. (with live projects)
Diploma in print media & commercial art.
Diploma in cyber security & B2B card. (with live projects)
Professional visual basic training. (with live projects)
Diploma in VB & ASP.Net & Mobile commerce technology
Professional computerized accounting course.
Diploma in computer hardware & electronics.
Diploma in computer networking course.
Diploma in digital audio & vedio editing & mixing course.
Computer school teaching training course.
Advance english language program